Raw Bar

Come and experience the freshest oysters around, shucked right behind the bar. With an array to choose from, tasting oyster varietals may quickly become your new hobby. What nuances will you discover when you compare our oysters?


Your guide to getting started….


Blue points- This oyster is a a popular choice with a meaty, hearty flavor for the experienced oyster lover.


Irish points- This is a great “gateway” oyster for first-timers. A light and easy with a sweet finish.


St. Simmons- A salty, ocean-flavored oyster. Not too light and not too overwhelming.


Salty Assateagues- These little gems live up to their name with a briny, yet sweet, taste.


Be a straight shooter! Our raw bar is cranking out oyster shooters that are out of this world. We’ve can craft you virtually anything from champagne, saki, cucumber chili tequila, or traditional vodka oysters shooters.